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Cardboard display stands for supermarket

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Jenis bayaranL/C,D/P


Masa penghantaran15 Hari

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Cardboard display stands for supermarket
Product classification: classification according to product printing
Material: paper quality
Application scene: shopping mall, supermarket
Product type: paper Duitou display
Packing method: folding packing
Display Stands for Supermarket
The large department's paper shelf / paper display stand belongs to the notification ad of the new product. When the new product is sold, it will attract consumers' attention and stimulate their desire to purchase with other mass media and promoting the flow of paper shelves and paper display stand in the sales place.
We attract customers into the store
In the actual purchase of 2/3 of the people to make a temporary purchase resolution plan, it is clear that the retail store sales are directly proportional to the flow of customers. So the first step in promoting the paper shelf / paper display is to get into the store.
The customers stop
How to attract customers to pay attention to products and interest, the paper shelf / paper display rack can attract customers' attention by their new patterns, brilliant colors, unique ideas and so on, so that they can stop and have hobbies for advertisements. Create new styles, striking paper shelf / paper display can often play an unexpected effect. In addition, the live advertising forms such as on-site manipulation, sample trial, free taste and so on can greatly arouse the interests of the customers and induce the purchase idea.
That prompted the ultimate purchase
The ultimate purchase of customers is the core of the paper shelf / paper display. To this end, the concern and pleasure of the customer must be caught. Actually, the leading work in the front is the foundation to promote the ultimate purchase of customers. The purchase decision of customers is through a process. As long as we do enough work in the process of promotion, the result is naturally generated.
1. At the same time, it has the function of advertising and sale of goods
2. It can effectively convey the intention of display and improve the sales of goods.
3. Small area, easy installation and low transportation cost
4. Green environmental protection
In view of the display and publicity characteristics of commodities in the terminal market such as supermarkets, shopping malls and franchised stores, we have developed and designed different kinds of corrugated and composite material display frames with different styles. Its prominent display and publicity effect, new design style, so that the goods in many products quickly attract the attention of consumers. Besides the convenience of storage and transportation, low cost and good display effect, it has high economic value. It has the function of attracting customers and promoting commodities for any business form business place. At the same time, the enterprise has the role of improving the image of the goods and the reputation of the enterprise.

JIADI company

This product has the following characteristics:

Performance: all parts are made of high quality paper with high strength corrugated paper and high strength corrugated paper, which can be folded, assembled, reused, and without any tools.
Uses: advertising promotion, short-term promotion, product display; suitable for placing in supermarkets, shopping malls, franchised stores, large stores and other places;
Advantages: low price, green environmental protection, bright color, terminal selling advertising tools;
Design: it can be designed according to the customer's drawings, and can also be designed according to customer requirements and product characteristics.

The product is made of high quality corrugated paper combined with exquisite patterns. The product is new, beautiful, convenient transportation and low cost, which is the display and display product of the new generation of shopping malls.

The product can be assembled and disassembled at any time, with the most visual impact, the effect of advertising and the excellent display effect. The structure is scientific and reasonable, the appearance is beautiful and generous, the advertisement effect is very remarkable in the shopping mall, the supermarket and the pharmacy.

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